On a beautiful day of November 2011 My brother and I went to a trip at Junagadh. There is a big Mountain in Junagadh named Girnar. And after Diwali people do Parikrama of Girnar Mountain. Parikrama means a round walk of some place.

We walked whole round of the Mount Giranar and the distance is about 45 kilometer long. Walking path is so exiting and go through a Jungle, Rivers and 3 hills. People walk though Jungle but no need to worry because many people are with you and the wild animal are mostly do not enter in this area.

In this Parikrama we meet new people, and many Naga Sadhu. Naga Sadhu are so interesting part of this journey. Many of them are unbelievable and blessing too. We really like to spend time with them.

We took about 25 hours to complete the Parikrama. We started at 7 AM in the morning and we finished it at 8 AM in the Next Day morning. We did not sleep, we walk, sit and rest some time and we start walking again. We find food every where in the way. There were many temporary stores where we find food. Most of the stares are free. Some fast food item was paid.

If you want to visit the place don’t worry and just visit it. You will be certainly love it. You have to reach Ahmedabad Gujarat for that. From Ahmedabad you will go by Bus, Train or by Private vehicle to Junagadh. After reaching Junagadh you have to go Taleti. And you will start Parikrama from Taleti.

So Friends you should do Parikrama. And remember Parikrama starts in November after Diwali. Fore more info you can comment me.

Have Good day…

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