Copenhagen is one of the amazing and Beautiful Cities in Europe. This is the Capital of Denmark and the weather is very clear child and mesmerizing. Copenhagen city is itself so Fabulous. I really enjoy my stay here and till the day I remember those days. I have the days in my Memory and in my Photo gallery. And many times I remind my beautiful experience…

I visited Copenhagen first time in October 2013. I flied there from Ahmedabad India to Copenhagen. Where first time I reached there I did not trust on my eyes. I had seen so clear vision. The Spectacles was so crystal clear. Later on I come to know that this is because of the city’s Atmosphere, that has almost nil pollution, most of the house are colorful, architecture is so amazing and has plenty of colorful trees.

I find People of Copenhagen are so Helpful. They always give you smile whether you know them or not. I really like people over there. Copenhagen has many Lindmark and place to visit. I have almost all the place visited there and will write blogs on that in future Articles.

If you want to come to Denmark then the best time to come is Sumer. Hance winter is not so cold but the weather between March to October is so best. You will find hotels and Hostels too to visit here. Stay tuned for our more blogs.

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